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2013 saw us celebrate our centenary. On January 12, 2014, we launched our published book, "100 Years of Spiritualism"  on the history of our church. This book is available for sale for $10.00. If you are interested in buying a book, please send an email to: spiritualchurchbrisbane@gmail.com.

Our church began 13 January, 1913 when a group of spiritualists met as the Brisbane Queensland Lyceum receiving a certificate numbered 409 which certified they were duly enrolled in the British Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union in accordance with the constitution of that body.

Our first president was Theodor Reinhold who led this church until 1928. During that time the present church was built at the corner of Boundary and Mein Streets, Spring Hill with Arthur Conan Doyle coming from England to lay the corner stone on January 11, 1921 during his tour of Australia.


At the Annual General Meeting of the Spiritual Church Brisbane held at 4:00pm on the 15 October 2017, elections were held and the new committee members are as follows:


President   Neil Davey
Vice-President Helen Rees
Vice-President Sue Miller
Secretary     Kisane Castle    
Treasurer  Helen Rees
Platform Bookings Officer Patricia Strong
Librarian Gisela Quandt, Assistant -Toni Brown
Events Co-ordinator Helen Rees
Magazine Editor Volunteer - Jennie Jones
Catering Convenor Toni Brown, Assistant - Colin Hadley
Property Maintenance Peter Holliman, Assistant - Tommy Gaal
Committee Members Lexie Healey; Avril Johnston-Craig; Yvonne Fregon; Suzanne John; Robert Croft, Louise Robson, Carol Steven

 Wendy Deakin continues her tenure as Minister.



Following is the list of presidents and ministers who have lead our church from 1913 to present. Each has a story to tell and the book on the history of the church, published in 2013 helps to fill in the details on each of our forefathers about their time at our church.


Theodor Reinhold 1913 – 1928
S Broughton Elkin 1928 - 1935
P N Humphrys 1935 - 1937
J Woodcock 1937 – 1938
Ada Shaw 1938 – 1941
C S Payne 1941 – 1950
Marie Loft
1950 – 1952
A E Sampson 1952 – 1954
Ada Shaw 1954 – 1956
J F Childs 1956 – 1957
W G Llewllyn 1957
Ada Shaw 1957 – 1958
N McArthur 1958 – 1959
J M MacCullough & H Tapper 1959 –1960
J O Milne 1960 - 1962
G F Bowen 1962 – 1963
C  S Payne 1963 – 1968
J W Carroll & J F Childs 1968 – 1969
S Turner 1969 – 1973
Rt Rev R Levi, JP 1973 – 1979
Rev F Bruce 1979 – 1980
Rt Rev R Levi, JP 1980 – 1984
Rev F Bruce 1984 – 1993
Rev Jeannie L Kane 1993 - 2006
Neil Davey [President] 2005 to now
Wendy Deakin [Minister] 2007 to now

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