July 18


Hi friends,

 I hope you’re all managing to keep warm these chilly mornings but what about these beautiful days and clear blue skies?  Just magic!

 This month I’d like to share a few uplifting words from spirit to keep us all positive.

 “From our side of life, we are greatly encouraged to see so many souls on your physical plane embracing higher spiritual truths and moving forward confidently and purposefully determined to make a difference and help your world progress into a loving, caring environment.  This is a situation we have been wishing to see for many of your years, but of course, all change which is of a sustainable nature must be allowed to happen slowly so the minds of men may absorb and digest these changes on a deep and lasting level.  You would be amazed if you could see the amount of planning that is put into action before these changes can manifest, but let us say that they include rostering many souls on our side of life and asking them to volunteer to return to your world with the spiritual understanding and application needed to impress their knowledge and higher teachings on the residents of your earth plane.  This has been an ongoing process for many years but gradually the shaping of the minds of men is happening and in many places, your world is being moulded into an aspect of beauty which is both rewarding and gratifying to those who have been a great part of the higher plan.  

 There is, of course, much more to be accomplished to bring the physical world into a state of balance. There must be opportunities for a soul to move through the myriad of experiences needed, some of which may be testing and difficult, but there must also be provision for a soul to access the blessings, bounty and the love of the Great Spirit through the beauty of creation and the teachings and knowledge of those who work in his name.

 We see that the areas of light shining from your world, depicting the level of spiritual growth attained, is growing brighter. We are in a better position to evaluate this than those of you who reside in the physical and rely on your five physical senses, so we ask you to be encouraged by this information and not allow yourselves to become despondent when your media continues to bombard you with negative information. It is so easy to be swept away in a wave of powerful publicity, so we urge you to promote positive thought and energies of optimism so that mankind may be buoyed with encouragement for the future and determination to be one of those souls who have faith in their abilities and the support of our world. Thus will advancement and progress be seen and earthly journeys be fulfilling and satisfying.  If you have the ability to ease suffering and make a difference to the souls who walk with you on the pathway of life, we encourage you to do this for the benefits will aid not only the recipient but the one who gives to an even higher level.  There are so many lessons to be learnt on the journey of life, so many opportunities for growth and your earth plane plays such an important part in this process.  Mankind may in his folly cause much devastation, but he will never be allowed to destroy your world.  Natural law restricts the power of man and the will of the Great Spirit must prevail. That is why we say to you, listen to your instincts and follow the desires of your heart when you know you are capable of easing suffering and helping your fellow travellers, for then you walk in the light of the Divine and our world supports you each step of your journey. Go in peace”.


I thank spirit for their words and just briefly to follow on from last month’s message, I have adopted a rescue dog from the RSPCA and we are bonding nicely.  There is, of course, an adjustment period and shortly I hope to rescue my boxes of tissues from being chewed up but apart from that it’s just great to have a dog around the house again and know that at least one animal in care has a forever home again. Works both ways, doesn’t it?


Love and blessings till next month.


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