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Ministers Monthly Message

By Wendy Deakin

May 2017

Minister’s Message

By  Wendy Deakin

Hi folks,


I’d like to thank everyone who has been sending me healing after my accident.  I know it has helped with my recovery. I’m almost 100% fit now and ready to resume my church role once again but I would like to thank those people who stood in for me during my absence.  It is very reassuring to know we have capable and willing souls ready to step up at any time.


Spiritual healing, particularly absent healing, is generated by the process of
thought; a mental request from the healer to the spirit healing guides for help for a particular person for a particular ailment. The thought form from the healer comes during attunement; a meditative state of connection with spirit. Although I’m not going to specifically talk about healing this month, I would like to talk about the power of thought.  Every action, positive or negative, springs from a thought.


A thought is the first step in a creation.  If our thoughts are followed up by the corresponding action, we will see a result, but a thought needs to be energised before it can become a reality. If we think about the things we want but do not put any input into getting them we will be nothing more than a dreamer.  If we are prepared to work for what we want we will be a “doer” and spirit is always ready to help those who make the effort to help themselves. Positive affirmations placed in accessible places around the home, will help to programme the mind to achieve goals but it takes effort to reject all the negativity we come across daily through the media and people we know who thrive on drama and dire predictions.


Our thinking is influenced by the extent of our spiritual growth gained by the experiences we have had in this and other lives we have lead.  The thoughts that we send out are reflections of who and what we are and through the law of attraction they gather more and more similar thoughts as they journey through the ether.  As we know, what we send out we get back multiplied many times over, so our thoughts need to be positive and beneficial to those around us. We need to monitor our thinking and learn to dismiss anything negative, unkind or detrimental.  Not always an easy task with the diverse nature of many of the souls that cross our path but if we experience the repercussions of our negative thoughts, we should then have the grace to acknowledge and accept responsibility for them. This is all part of our growth and understanding.


Most of the problems in our lives, emotional and physical, manifest from our attitude, our thinking, and need to be addressed before we can move on.  So many people seem to be bogged down in situations, busily blaming everyone else and not looking for answers from within themselves.  They won’t face their difficulties because it means working on self and this requires honesty and acceptance.  Everyone has the freewill to take whatever time they need to learn whatever it is they have chosen to experience, but surely here must come a time when the thought is given, “I’ve had enough of this.  I need to move on”, and that thought generates the action to do something positive.  We can’t sit forever in the same spot or we will never progress.

 I remember one of Shirley Bray’s teachers once said, “Thoughts are like coral that spawn in Earth’s oceans bursting forth with beauty and multiplicity; electrical impulses quivering in anticipation of form, yet you are ignorant of your creative spontaneity”.


When we begin to realise more and more about the power of thought, then we can recognise the part we play in creating our own reality. We are only restricted in our creative abilities by our mind’s belief system and when we relate this to a world-wide or universal situation, it is staggering.  All those minds, creating all those thoughts, creating all those deeds, some of great beauty, some of negativity – a mish-mash of thinking.  In some ways I suppose we should be grateful to see any semblance of order whatsoever, although I daresay the greatest creator of all would be influential in ensuring some form of stability in the situation.  We can see however why we have such a diversity of conditions prevailing on our planet and it is an altogether different situation in spirit where souls are brought together by the degree of love and light they emit and the spiritual growth they have attained.  It is more segregated to the extent that no-one can advance to a higher degree of light than they have earned, although we are capable of moving into lower realms if we wish to offer ourselves in service to help those who are less advanced.  It is rather reassuring to know that when it is our time to pass over, we will be with those of like mind and thinking or those drawn to us by the power of love and we won’t be bumping into any of the lower forms of humanity unless it is our choice to do so.


This is what spirit gave me on thought:-


“A thought is a form of communication.  It may come from your higher consciousness if it is an inspired thought, or it may come from that part of your being which is presently undeveloped.  If you allow that higher thought to have expression, it will bring benefits to the one from whom it originates and those whom it touches, and if you allow the lower thought expression, the reverse will occur.  Nevertheless, it is the nature of your world that both must have expression for learning to occur.  Your world will never be a garden of paradise for all people.  That is not its purpose, although we would certainly wish to see it moving more in that direction than on its present course.  It is as you know, a school of learning and there will always be those who look upon their schooldays with great affection and those to whom the opposite applies.  If people on earth would realise why they had come back to this planet, to learn and to give expression to a need within them, it would greatly benefit their thinking and help them draw to them the experiences for those special needs.


We think it relevant to talk also on the thoughts of those souls who re-enter your world as babies.  There is as you know, the cutting of the umbilical cord to separate the baby from its mother that it may express itself as a single unit, but the umbilical cord which binds that baby to its spiritual birth place, which you call the Silver Cord, continues to provide it with the link it needs during its stay on earth.  You rejoice in the birth of a baby but we are aware of the trials and tribulation that it must face and endeavour to provide it with whatever help we can to equip it for its journey.  Upon entering the earth, their link with our world is still very strong and our thoughts to them and their thoughts to us are constant to help them to acclimatise to this very different level of existence.  They are in part co-existing in both worlds until such time as the physical life dominates them more fully, although we always endeavour to draw close and remind them of their spiritual roots when we can penetrate their thinking again.  This co-existance in both worlds is also seen at the opposite end of the scale when a soul has completed his earthly tasks and awaits his transition to spirit life.  We have heard their loved ones say that his thoughts seem to be miles away, and indeed they are, for once again he has recalled his ability to listen, to hear and to remember his true origin.


We do not find it difficult to understand thought, for it operates in our world constantly and solely.  It is all thought.  It is the only form of communication we know and each soul stands as a product of his thinking.  He is revealed as he truly is.  In time all men will understand the importance of thought for it is one of the lessons man learns as he progresses.  The purer a man’s thoughts, the more highly evolved he becomes”.


I thank spirit for those words but now I think I’ve taken up rather a lot of space in the magazine this month.  Hope our editor can fit everything else in!


Love and blessings until next month










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