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Ministers Monthly Message

By Wendy Deakin

April 2018


Minister’s Message

By Wendy Deakin


Welcome friends to another month of sharing.  Spirit bring you the following words.


“My brothers and sisters we draw close to you this day to spread more of the truths of the spirit and your journey to the ultimate seat of love which is called God.  You will wander through the abyss of earthly life with many of you wondering what the purpose of this journey is about.  If only you could see more clearly with the eyes of spirit but the earthly vibrations blind you to knowledge of a wider, vibrant world of which you are a part and yet at the same time is one that for a brief moment of time you have left behind.  We despair when so many of you seem to have lost the connection which is so truly a part of who you are and have succumbed to the denseness and heaviness of the planet you inhabit, but help is at hand and our world is relentless in its efforts to bring awareness to all who will listen of the purpose of earthly life.


En masse our world draws close to you all.  We teach of the oneness of all things.  We teach of the operation of natural laws and the need to look at your lives which have manifested in particular ways through the law of cause and effect.  With all things there is action and reaction.  The universe stretches out before you like an open page, waiting to bring to you all that you desire through the projection and power of your thoughts.  We know that your world is not an easy one in which to reside but if it was reprogrammed by man’s loving and higher thinking it would be a place of infinite beauty.  It is never too late to bring the mightiest of improvements to any situation through the power of loving thought.  You are creators in your own right for you have within you the aspect of the Divine Creator on which to call. 


Difficult moments in your lives demand reflection.  Always look at what you are attracting either through your actions or your thinking.  Be willing to accept responsibility for your conscious or unconscious part of any situation.  If you are honest you will accept that it is not always someone else who is to blame and when you are ready to move forward to better days and new experiences be aware of what you have learnt.  Every lesson learnt provides you with new tools for the future and the ability to help others moving through the experiences you have battled and won.  It is an onward journey of growth for the soul, full of ups and downs but made so much easier when the journey is understood and the path of service is appreciated.  Learn to enter the stillness for so much is given to you when the clutter and noise of the physical has briefly abated. 


You can all be the means to take your world forward to better things.  In many ways it may seem trite to repeat the words many of you have heard and have known for so long, but my friends they are powerful words and ones which if adopted by all would establish a world of Utopia which cannot even be imagined at these times of upheaval and suffering.  Treat others as you would wish to be treated. Show compassion and understanding to every living thing particularly the animal kingdom. Be bold and strong to move forward to right the wrongs which you know you can help to change.  There are many, many ways for you to bring your world to a better state of being and you all have the different abilities and strengths to do this.


Let not your problems and difficulties bring you to your knees, but feel the strength our world pours down to you. Let this year be significant in the advancement of spiritual truth and the progress of positive decisions to bring peace and harmony to the physical world you inhabit.


We bring love and blessings from the world of spirit to the world of the physical for in truth it is all one journey in the life of the soul, experienced in different dimensions”.


Enjoy the month of April with hopefully some lower temperatures so all the gardeners can start the big tidy-up.  Til next month,


Love, Wendy xxxx










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