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Ministers Monthly Message

By Wendy Deakin

January /February 18

Welcome friends to a brand new year of activities, meditation groups and church services at the Spiritual Church Brisbane.  I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and are happy to engage in an active calendar of events bringing spiritual understanding, knowledge and most of all love and fellowship as we walk this pathway of service together.


During your earthly journey you will encounter many challenges.  These are placed before you for a purpose.  Do not consider yourself unlucky but be grateful, for they are the opportunities you seek to discover the power of the spirit within you and when those challenges have been met it is then time for you to begin to ask yourself the questions that will enable you to walk the remainder of your journey with the conscious awareness that you are supported and strengthened from that same eternal, abiding power within which we call God.   We question ourselves constantly but we do not always ask the right questions. We are programmed to look to others for the answers we seek; our parents, teachers, employers etc. and this is fine for we need to equip ourselves for our life on this physical plane, but we also need to realise that we are, most importantly, a soul residing in a mortal body for a brief experience of learning within that physical existence.


This brings a whole new level of understanding, for then we begin to open ourselves up to the knowledge that physical life is transient and a much greater life is part of our heritage. The questions we then need to ask of ourselves are ones which when fully understood will enable us to use this earthly life to our advantage on a spiritual level.  We should ask “How can I access this power more fully and use it to improve my life and the lives of others?” When someone has experienced the power of the spirit in times of crisis and trauma, it is life-changing and will often trigger that decision to begin a soul search. It will rarely happen when life is rosy and there are no difficulties to surmount.  We learn to reach within and call on that strength we need.  Sometimes when we look back we wonder how we got through those times of hardship but we know that a greater power has come into play and we have been given the help we have needed. We have been provided with many tools to assist us but we need to take advantage of them and put in an amount of time and effort to access them if we are to achieve our goals – both physical and spiritual goals.  There is outer help and there is inner help according to our needs but work on the self and meditation should play a major part of a soul search as well as sharing experiences, exploring a range of spiritual books and workshops and integrating with like-minded people.


When we become embroiled in physical life and all its challenges, it is easy to think that this is all there is; this is what it’s all about; there’s nothing more; so the world of spirit will often provide little situations and experiences that will shake us up and make us begin to question our life. It’s important for us not to put certain “out of the ordinary” things down to coincidences for often there is another answer altogether. Sometimes objects may be moved, a photo may fall off the wall for no reason, things may disappear and then some time later re-appear.  Look firstly for a logical reason for the occurrence.  Was there a breeze blowing that may have caused it or something else of that ilk? If not question whether the person in the photo had their birthday or time of passing around this time of the month or whether there could have been any other significant factor involved that may have been giving you some sort of message or information relevant to you. When loved ones pass to spirit they still like to visit you and renew that link of love, so if you are not mediumistic or place yourselves in situations where you can receive messages from sensitives, they will also try to get your attention in other ways such as knocks, clicks and other little noises for which there is no explanation. If this should happen, try to work out a code with them such as “Mum if this is you give me two clicks” or “Dad if this is you give me a knock on the TV”(or wall or whatever you like) and see what happens. At least you will be able to acknowledge their presence even if you can’t see them and they will be happy to know that you know they have visited you!


Although the world can often be seen as a dark and miserable place with all its wars and inhumane dealings, it can also be a place of beauty when we embrace our spiritual self and see and feel the love that is there from the world of spirit to support us on our journey.  This year holds new growth and understanding for many people and areas of spiritual light will increase and blossom in a way never seen before. Be positive. Spread your knowledge and know that every soul who embraces the truth of the spirit will be sharing that love with all they contact and so the love of spirit will shine on more and more lives.


Love and blessings.

Wendy xxxx












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