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Ministers Monthly Message

By Wendy Deakin

August, 2017 - See below for June and July

Greetings friends.

August has arrived and certainly today it has heralded the return of the westerly winds, a sure sign the Exhibition is with us once more. I hope those of you who are venturing to the Ekka have a great time and manage to keep a little cash in your pockets at the end of the day!!

Since becoming involved in spiritualism, my thinking has changed on many different issues of life and I think this happens to a lot of people.  We move away from being instantly judgemental about situations, to querying why things have happened as they have and what lessons are there to be learnt, particularly if we have been caught up in the situation ourselves.  We may wonder if we have been instrumental or the cause of what has happened.  We may look at our behaviour patterns and begin to understand why we react the way we do.  Is it a pattern that has been learnt from childhood?  Is there a karmic situation that needs to be worked through?  In a sense we rationalise a lot more because we realise that nothing warrants that instant judgement that years ago we may have made without thinking. Life is not as simple as once we may have thought.  There are so many underlying issues in people’s lives that we are unaware of.  However, that does not mean that we condone unworthy actions in others or that we need to be in the company of people whose energies do not blend with our own. We may appreciate why they are the way they are and be supportive to the best of our abilities but their pathway is a different one to our own so we choose the direction that is the right one for us.  In the long term we are all making our way towards the Source but our journeys are varied according to the encounters we are meant to experience.  Along the way right and wrong is not quite as black and white as it once was. Tolerance comes into play more than it once did which surely must be a step forward spiritually?

Every time we return to experience life in the physical it needs to be for the purpose of moving forward with soul growth. If at the end of our life we cannot look back and see occasions where we have reached out to another in need, in the countless ways accessible to us, then our journey has achieved little.  As Silver Birch constantly tells us, soul growth comes through service and on this earthly plane there are many opportunities for service. It should not be a chore either, for as we give out so we receive at the same time and because we all have so many different abilities there is always a way we can help another soul in need. We all have expectations when we come into spiritualism but spirit can see more clearly where our abilities can be best used, so allow yourself to flow with the energy around you if new paths of service begin to open up that you may not have primarily considered.  Anything that brings joy, appreciation and a smile is a worthy action.  It is not all about clairvoyance, mediumship, healing, channelling and all those wonderful gifts we associate with spiritualism.  It is also about sharing the artistry of beautiful pictures, music, sculptures, literature, landscapes – anything that lifts the soul to the beauty of creation and draws us closer to the appreciation of Source.  It is also about approaching life with a positive attitude in spite of all the negative situations we are fed daily in the media.  See the beauty in everything and take time to connect to the world of nature which constantly replenishes us and is a source of inspiration and upliftment.

I thank spirit for the following poems given to me in the 1990’s which I’d like to share with you this month as I finish my “message”.

Love lives in Nature.                                                    The Humble Daisy                                      

Breathe deeply of the fresh sweet air                                      Have you ever gazed into a daisy,

That wafts through pine trees standing tall                            The type that you find in your lawn

Like sentinels against the sky,                                                     Or threaded these flowers in a chain

And love divine renews your all.                                                 For your hair or your neck to adorn?                                       

Drink fully from the crystal brook                                              They’re modest and quite unassuming,

That wends and winds through valleys green,                      White petals with some edged in pink.

Made lush and verdant from its flow                                       No perfume of such to consider,

And love divine is clearly seen.                                                   But stop for a moment to think.


Eat freely of earth’s bounteous store                                      Each one of us can’t be a beauty

Of fruits whose seed the west wind sows,                             Each one of us can’t be a saint,

Which Mother Nature tends with care                                    But all can bring pleasure to someone,

And love divine your spirit knows.                                            Though assets you’ve got may be faint.


Within our grasp we have the means                                       The shy little daisy propounds this

To make our lives complete and whole,                                 Look closely to see what I mean.

To take what nature freely gives , so                                         Each petal is so finely sculptured                love divine can touch each soul.                                                               It’s not quite as plain as it seems.


                                                                                                                So don’t judge a book by its cover

                                                                                                                Or compare daisies with a red rose.

                                                                                                                We each have so much we can offer,

                                                                                                                So much lies within us, God knows.


Love and blessings until next month.



July 2017

Minister’s Message

By  Wendy Deakin

Hello again friends,

I thought this month I would share with you some words from spirit given to me just prior to a group meditation. 


“Greetings friends.  We wish you all well and trust you have been using your time wisely and constructively.  Time is of the essence, for your journey through the enclaves of earthly life is a limited one and it is essential that you use this time wisely and well.  Grasp every opportunity you can which will enrich your soul growth through service and make the physical aspect that you present more compassionate and loving at the same time.  Anything that you can accomplish, though it may appear to be purely on a physical level, has its counterpart in achievement on a soul level providing the action is selfless and for the betterment of your fellowman. You are all here to make a difference, whether it be a large or small improvement to your world and its inhabitants.


Strive not for the achievements of others, but base your efforts on the skills you have been blessed with and use those to spread your truth; the truth of the spirit and eternal life.  It is a massive task in your world of violence and hatred but it is this truth that will save your world from itself, for once understood in its purity and simplicity, it will be the salvation and hope that so many seek to bring them freedom.  There must be times when the darkness lies heavily on your minds and sometimes you are at a loss to see progress but my friends, we see beautiful pockets of light streaming forth from your world, illuminating large areas and we know the spirit of man still burns brightly, spreading and sharing the love of the Divine Spirit.  Do not lose heart for you do not see the whole picture and we wish to reassure you that your world is making small steps forward and your chosen pathway will ensure that you encounter many more likeminded souls to encourage you and share your goals of world peace and unity.


Today we reach out to each one of you in love and fellowship and we ask you to open yourself to the beauty of our world as we join together at this special time.  There are loved ones here who wish to greet you and share special memories.  There are others who wish to provide guidance and inspiration.  There are guides and mentors who wish to share thoughts and words of beauty and direction, so in the stillness, allow these connections to manifest and help you on your path of learning.


Be confident and know that your journey of life is strewn with signs and arrows and you do not walk alone.  Allow the awareness within you to blossom and you will see the signs and the direction you are to take.  All the tools of life you need will be provided.  In the stillness all will be revealed to you and you will know again the love of those who have gone before you so you can rekindle that connection once again.  As we have stated before, there is no separation.  All is one and one is all.”


As always I thank spirit for the words of support and guidance that are given to make our journey through life a little easier.

Love and blessings until next month, Wendy

June 2017

Welcome to another monthly ‘message’ friends.

When we lose someone near and dear to us, it can often trigger certain questions in our mind, especially if we have no preconceived ideas about the journey of the soul from the transition we call death to the onward progression of eternal life, so this month I thought I’d talk a little about this, in case there is anyone who is moving through a like situation.


On passing, we are at a particular level of growth and understanding and this is how we arrive in the next world.  Some souls may need a period of nursing in the spirit hospitals to completely clear away all the afflictions they still carry over from their final days on earth. Some, especially those with little or no understanding of their spiritual essence and journey, also need guidance and direction to move forward.  Others, with knowledge of spirit and understanding of the divine laws, will move forward happily, knowing that their loved ones and spirit helpers await them, but even here, they must still reach that point where the energies from the earth plane have abated enough for them to actually see the loved ones who wait for them.


Sometimes when we are with a loved one who is nearing that transition time, it might seem that the time is imminent especially if the loved one is wanting or is anxious to move into the spirit world.  However, what we are seeing is not always what is happening.  A soul will not leave the physical body before it is right for them.  Silver Birch tells us, “When the apple is ripe, it will fall from the tree”.  It may be that the words of the loved ones are not truly reflective of their feelings and they are being held back a little by fear of the unknown. How many of us say, and truly believe, that they have no fear at all of death? I’m sure there are many, but when we are actually faced with the situation, a lot of us would still hesitate before stepping into what has virtually become the ‘unknown’ or ‘forgotten’.  We must take that step when the time feels right for us to do so.  That is why for some it is very quick and for others it is longer.  It is when the soul is ready and we all move, learn and progress at different rates.  That is our choice.


The crucial point to remember is that souls making the transition from the physical to the spiritual are all merely moving from one dimension of LIFE to another dimension of LIFE.  There is no finality and as with life on the earth-plane, there will still be certain difficulties to move through as they resume their life in spirit once again. The body will be different but emotions can still be carried with the returning soul. This was made evident when my mother passed to spirit in 2008 and I found a poem she had written on the plane when she left the UK to move to Australia in the early ‘80’s.  In it she spoke of the emotions of having loved ones on both sides of the world; the joy and anticipation of her arrival and the sadness and tears of leaving family behind.  When she passed to spirit, the first communication we had from her was one of great happiness, feeling young again, connecting up with my father, family and loved ones and passing on thanks for the help she’d received whilst she was ill.  However, it wasn’t many months later before she communicated again and spoke of how much she was missing family on the earth-plane.  It was almost a replica of what she was feeling when she wrote her poem on the plane.

We need to appreciate that when we lose loved ones, grief can be experienced on both dimensions of life, not just those remaining on the earth-plane, and as we know, there is always that especially strong connection that a mother holds for her children.  I am starting to appreciate the importance of making the time to sit and send out thoughts of love and reassurance to those recently passed, so that they feel reconnected with family. It must be so difficult for them to try and communicate with loved ones when they are not receptive to their presence.  How frustrating and sad for them when their messages are not received and their presence not acknowledged.  How lucky we are that we are part of an organisation that includes sensitives who can pass on messages from loved ones to those who are unable to receive them themselves.


The knowledge that life is continuing on in the spirit world, in much the same way as life continues on earth, makes us more aware of the brotherhood between us all.  We all have our trials and tribulations, on both sides of the veil, the challenges and difficulties.  Though our brothers and sisters in spirit may not have to experience the physical problems of earth,  they are, like us, still progressing on their pathway of life, still learning and moving through other challenges, so we should all be working together to help each other.


Spiritual healing is a great way to help people on both sides of the veil, gently projecting energies of peace and calm for troubled minds and souls, and healing rays to soothe and ease bodily ailments.  When we send out absent healing to those in our healing books, it is especially important to include our loving thoughts to those who have passed through the veil, for it is a journey that is a slightly different experience for each one.  In time, the returning soul will become engaged in many different activities in spirit, especially if they are anxious to pursue their path of service, and the attachment to the earth-plane will, to some degree, dissipate, but the love link will never be severed.  Frequently when a soul on earth is nearing their time of transition, family and friends in spirit can be seen drawing near to them, bringing them the support and help they need at that time, reinforcing the strength of that love link.  No soul is ever forgotten or neglected for the source energy is within everything and everybody.  It is up to each of us to learn to call upon this strength that is a part of us and thereby access the help we need at any given time and as I spoke about last month, one of the best ways to begin this process is to work at controlling our thought patterns.  Negative thinking brings negative results and vise versa.


Our loved ones in spirit are not lost to us.  They await the time of reunion.  Spend a little time sending out your thoughts of love to reassure them they are not forgotten and rejoice in the knowledge that all life is one and we are all one.


Love and blessings until next time.









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