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By Wendy Deakin

October 17

Hi friends.


I think a lot of us at church at the moment are still enjoying the energies from the healing day on 16th September which was one of the best ever.  The committee would like to thank all who participated in making the day so successful. Can’t wait for the next one!


When we reincarnate to this earthly plane, our journey of life stretches out before us like the opening pages of a new book.  On a soul level we know what we wish to accomplish and what we need to do to move forward but our quest to find our true self amidst all the difficulties and distractions of physical life is not an easy one. It is not accomplished in six easy lessons. It involves sifting and sieving through all the data manifesting in front of us, taking what we are ready to accept, rejecting what feels uncomfortable for us as we continually take small steps forward. What is one person’s truth may not necessarily be our truth.  We must find our own answers, but at the same time we must be open and receptive to look at options and answers that others have found helpful because their pathway may be a parallel one to ours.


Much of what we seek is already within us, accumulated from the experiences of other lifetimes and meditation is a useful tool to help unlock those memory banks of knowledge, establish a good connection with our guides and helpers in the world of spirit and learn how to recognise the little signs and directions that help us on our journey through the maze of life.  It is amazing how often during the course of a conversation we find ourselves bringing forth a flood of information that proves helpful to another soul and then afterwards thinking, “where did that all come from?”, or we may come across some new information and inwardly think “I already knew that”. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us”. We are like buds waiting to open and very few of us will become radiant blossoms in this lifetime, but if we keep trying, one day we will realise our potential and utilise all the knowledge that we have stored in our memory banks and that will be a giant step in the right direction. 


We are so much more than just the physical body that we see in the mirror each day but sometimes we feel inadequate and put ourselves down thinking others are better or cleverer than us and we don’t always appreciate that those outgoing, confident folk we envy may be merely acting that way to cover the same feelings of inadequacy that we experience.  We all have our own tools to help us through the maze of life.  We are all similar in many ways and we all battle our “human-ness”.  We are our own worst critics and we need to change our attitude towards ourselves to one of encouragement and praise.  Bring on the positive affirmations!! Stick them all over the fridge and the mirrors! Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back and focus on all the positives in our lives and not the negatives. Re-read the Louise Hay books and do the things that bring enjoyment to your life.  I’m off to Toowoomba to walk round the parks and gardens celebrating the Carnival of Flowers. It will be beautiful and our magazine editor Jennie is off on holiday so we wish her a wonderful trip and thank her for all her good work since taking on the magazine. Great job Jennie!

Love and blessings till next month,  Wendy








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