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By Wendy Deakin

June 18


Hi Friends,


What lovely days we’re experiencing at the moment and how they uplift the spirit.  It’s so great to be able to wander round the garden without the perspiration trickling down the body!  Lots of leaves everywhere from the trees but raking up in these temperatures is fine.  How I love this time of the year!


One of the older members of our church family, Bill Webster, has recently passed to spirit and at the time of writing his memorial service at the church is planned for Sunday 27th May at 4pm, right after the afternoon church service. We thank Bill for his years of service to the church as one of our healers. Bill and his dedicated wife Eunice worked together in many different ways in service to spiritualism and we thank the Great Spirit that they are now reunited in the world of spirit.


I recently lost both my big dogs within two months of each other.  They were both over nine years old and three days difference in age, and I feel their loss considerably, but whilst I am very tempted to give a home to another rescue dog, people in my position (the not so young anymore!) also need to consider certain aspects of pet ownership. Is there a chance the dog will outlive you? Have you made allowances for their care if this should happen? If another owner has been selected for them in the event of your passing, is this truly in the best interests of both the new owner and the dog?  Will the dog be subject to a completely different lifestyle to what he has been used to? It is impossible to foresee every situation that may arise down the track, but certain procedures can certainly be put in place and it may be advisable for someone like me to think about adopting an older dog to share life with instead of a puppy. We all have a duty of care to every aspect of divine creation not just the human kingdom, but the world of nature, the environment and particularly the animal kingdom.  Even using a little common sense when we make decisions can make a big difference to our animal friends. This is responsible pet ownership.  If you have always loved having pets in your household and caring for them, I hope you are able to continue to enjoy the company, love and loyalty they give, but if you are not an animal person that’s ok too. Sometimes a person’s lifestyle means it’s totally impractical to own an animal and if this is the case please don’t be pressurised into adopting a pet if you cannot supply them with all their needs, particularly your love and your time.  


Like many people today I hate to hear of animal cruelty and exploitation.  Silver Birch stresses that man’s responsibility is to every creature, for like man they are all animated by spirit and walking a pathway of evolution. It may be different to that of mankind and man may consider himself superior as a species, but always the higher should help what it believes to be the lower.  Man needs to reach that point of development where his conscience will no longer tolerate animal experiments, mindless killings and live exports. Although much of these happenings are driven by greed for money and power, there are signs appearing that the general public is beginning to rebel against some of these practices and this is a good sign, so when they use this to oust governments from power and vote for individuals who fight for animal welfare we are beginning to see positive changes for the future.  If you are looking for ways to use your abilities to spiritually progress through service, don’t forget to include the animal kingdom in your search.  Many of the charities like the RSPCA would love someone to help walk their rescue dogs, cuddle their cats or clean the cages.  There are so many opportunities out there for the right person.


Perhaps today I can finish this article with a quote from Silver Birch:-


“Show love not only to your fellow beings but to animals.  Do not exploit people, do not exploit animals and do not exploit nature.  Then you are helping not only the people of your world, but everything that exists to have that peace, orderliness and harmony that is the ultimate purpose of evolution, the law devised by the greatest power in the universe”.


Love and blessings til next month.


Wendy xxx









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