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Ministers Monthly Message

By Wendy Deakin

December 17

Hi friends.


This is our last magazine for 2017 and I would like to thank Jennie for the great job she’s done this year as our editor.  It’s great to know she will continue as editor for 2018.


Well once more the year has flown by and our weekly activities will cease on Friday 15th December, recommencing on Mon 29th January 2018.  This gives our hardworking circle leaders a break over the Christmas/New Year period, but of course our Sunday Services will continue as usual except for the evening services on 24th and 31st December. 


I’d like to wish you all a wonderful festive season with family and loved ones, but don’t forget all your friends and loved ones in spirit as well who will  be drawing close to share this time with us. 


“You are nearing your celebration time of Christmas and this is another period when our worlds are able to draw close to each other, for many in our world also choose to recall the earthly celebrations once more and join with families still remaining in the physical to share the love and the joy. Do not be concerned as to whether the dates of these various celebrations truly represent the occasions you celebrate, but rather emerge yourselves in the energies of giving, thinking of others and sharing the love that abounds. Always the motives and reasons will outweigh the precision and correctness of the celebrations.  As your respected guide Silver Birch will tell you, the Nazarene is not concerned with dates and such things but works to spread more of the energies of love from celebrations like this to areas of darkness in your world. These energies are generated in many ways and are always used to help mankind and bring upliftment to many troubled souls.  Music plays a huge role at this time and many of the great composers who have now returned to spirit come together to play their own particular compositions written for these special occasions.  In your world you also enjoy these pieces.  How many of you resonate with powerful renditions of Handel’s “Messiah” or other impressive pieces of this ilk?  What a magical crescendo of notes when our two worlds join together to play these stirring masterpieces.  What energy! What love and joy! If only more souls in your world had access to these special energies that abound when one is embraced by the inspiration of spirit.  What upliftment and “joie de vivre”. We, in spirit, would love to see these energies extend way beyond the period of Christmas until kindness, caring and understanding became the norm instead of being reserved for special occasions.  It does not entail the spending of vast sums of money to embrace a spiritual attitude to life.  It needs only compassion in the heart and love for your fellow man.  Reach within to find the qualities of kindness and let these be shared with all even when your time of celebrations have passed.  Blessings”.


Our next magazine will be the February issue and I look forward to sharing my “Minister’s Message” with you all then.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Love and blessings,


November 2017

Hi friends.


We held our AGM on 15th October and I’d like to thank all those who came along to support the church.  Many of the “old faithful” have recommitted to their positions but we would also like to welcome some new church members who have agreed to take up positions on the committee.  Neil will be including a full list of the new committee in his President’s Report for your information.


At this point, may I say that Neil has regularly thanked all the people who make valuable contributions to the church by way of their volunteer work, but the contribution he himself has made has, in my opinion, not been acknowledged as much as it should.  He has been part of the support network in the church for around 30 years with a considerable amount of that time serving in the role of President.  His dedication, patience and people skills have helped guide the church through many challenging situations and I think that now is an opportune time to thank him, most sincerely, for all that he has generously contributed to ensure that our church moves forward with the same ideals and philosophy established by our forebears.  We love our church but it is the commitment, dedication and service by those within its walls that ensure it will continue to flourish, - hopefully for another 100 years!  A big “thank you” Neil for all that you have given and continue to give.


Over the years spirit have given me many words of encouragement, insight and guidance, particularly in the course of running circles where others may also benefit.  This month I’d like to share some of these words in an attempt to reach others who may not have been present at these special times.


Try to understand how important it is to interact with others.  You may think, “I am fine.  I do not need help.  I am independent.  I can live my life very satisfactorily without social contact”, and perhaps this is true to some extent but man was not meant to exist in this manner.  Man is on this earth-plane to evolve through service and to do this he must place himself in a position where there are souls in need who require the help that he is able to give them.  Recall the insight of the words, “No man is an island”.  Your world is guided in many ways and there are many truths even in your children’s stories.  Recall the joy Robinson Crusoe experienced when he discovered man Friday on his island and realised he was not alone.  Whilst there are times when solitude is important to reconnect to your core essence and feel the peace and tranquillity that retreat from physical life can bring, it is also important for you to resume your duties of physical life, remembering also that you seek balance between work and play.  As you interact with other souls, you are developing your personality, your social skills and so many other elements that contribute to who and what you are.  The greatest opportunities for soul growth are found in your relationships with others.  You have chosen to participate in earthly life.  That is why you are here, so do not shut yourself away or live the life of a hermit when you can achieve so much more by participating in the great adventure that beckons you.  Live your life to the full.  Experience every little moment with joy and spread that joy to all the others that share your pathway”.


As I have mentioned in the past, I am a huge advocate for home circles where a group of people in harmony and with the same spiritual aspirations have the opportunity of linking with spirit on a regular basis and sharing some beautiful experiences.  If you have been coming to development groups for a while, are growing in your confidence and abilities and would like to start your own circle at home, do consider asking some likeminded people with similar aspirations about joining you in starting your own circle. I am more than happy to offer some guidance should you need it, and can supply you with an opening and closing prayer to start your circle in the appropriate way.  Please give this some consideration and I wish you all the best in your endeavours.


Our magazine editor Jennie will be back from her holiday at the end of October and we all hope she has had a lovely time whilst away. She will be back at the grindstone on her return coordinating all the information for the November magazine so I hope her holiday doesn’t become a distant memory too soon!  Thanks for the good job you do Jennie!


Love and blessings until next month.














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