Spiritual Church Brisbane

Speakers and Demonstrations



                 Correct at time of publication –10/10/17




01/10/2017 2:30pm Bronwyn Duffer
  7:00pm Sarah Rosewall
08/10/2017 2:30pm Jane Lever
  7:00pm Deas Plant
15/10/2017 2:30pm Avril Johnstone-Craig
  7:00pm Louise Robson
22/10/2017 2:30pm Sandi Clarke-Mayes and Mike Mayes - UK Mediums
  7:00pm Jenny Robinson
29/10/2017 2:30pm Robert & Maria Riva
  7:00pm Robyn Tomkins
05/11/2017 2:30pm Gena Alston
  7:00pm Jane Lever
12/11/2017 2:30pm Karina Webb
  7:00pm Dean and Molly Clarke
19/11/2017 2:30pm Patricia Strong
  7:00pm Bev Greaney
26/11/2017 2:30pm  Darren Archer
  7:00pm Richard Keith and Jean Bell
03/12/2017 2:30pm Indiana Rose
  7:00pm Tim Fraser
10/12/2017 2:30pm Jeannie Brine
  7:00pm Jennie Fitzgerald
17/12/2017 2:30pm Sarah Rosewall
  7:00pm Audrey
24/12/2017 2:30pm Avril Johnston-Craig
  7:00pm No Service
31/12/2017 2.30pm Wendy Deakin and Tony Wood
  7:00pm No Service

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