December 2018

By Wendy Deakin

Hi friends.


Welcome to the last “Minister’s Message” for 2018.  The year is drawing to a close and although our afternoon Sunday Services will continue every week, there will be no evening services on 23rd and 30th of December.  Our weekly activities also cease for a 6 week break with the final event being held on Sat 15th December at 7pm.  Activities resume again on Monday 28th January 2019. We wish all of you, who have been a part of our church during the year, the happiest Christmas/New Year period ever and hope you will continue to enjoy the events, friendships and opportunities available here for many more years to come. 


Every New Year that presents itself brings more and more opportunities for growth both physical and spiritual, so if this year hasn’t been all that you hoped for, use these last few weeks to unwind; to accept what you cannot change; to acknowledge your small triumphs; to appreciate that love of family and friends that never wavers and to look forward to the year ahead with the fulfilment of dreams and goals. Every action starts with a thought, so think big when you visualise those targets you want to reach.  The spirit world only uses the power of thought for communication and they achieve “miracles”, so let this empower you to reach for the stars! Don’t allow yourselves to wallow in negativity but reaffirm the fact that you are spirit; part of the Divine Spirit and you are here on a mission; a mission to unfold all the abilities within you to make a difference to the physical world you have chosen to inhabit for this current period of time. There are so many areas available on earth where those abilities can be used to help others.  As we know, it is all about giving service.


We are all evolving. All of creation is constantly changing and evolving; sometimes it is gentle and sometimes it is on a huge scale.  The older we become, the more noticeable are the changes we see as we look back at our lives.  A recent visit to “The Barn” at Flagstone Creek (between Grantham and Gatton) was a revelation to me, as the man (Scotty) had set up a museum of cars from the 60’s, motor bikes, old petrol pumps and memorabilia from the “Happy Days” era with a 1950s Diner complete with Juke Box. Now that is nostalgic!! What an amazing cash register! No way you could pick that up and abscond with it! They do meals there too, so if anyone is looking for something a little different the phone no. is 4697 5334.  Be prepared for a leisurely drive out to Whoop Whoop!!!


With all changes, some are happily embraced and others we find hard to deal with but whatever our attitude, we will never stop changes and therefore we have to learn to accept them.  However if we feel strongly that there are areas of change that cause hardship or suffering, then surely that is another area where we can step in with our abilities, knowledge or expertise and fight to eliminate those changes. That may in fact be part of our pathway of service; the opportunity to make a difference.  Spirit constantly guides us to where we can become aware of instances or situations where we have the tools to bring about positive changes.  So many people feel they are unworthy of achieving what they consider necessary spiritual abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, trance work etc. but we need to appreciate that each one is difference and walks a different path. That does not mean we do not have some other ability we can use to help make a difference.  Go within and ask yourself how you can leave a mark to help others. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart to where you are meant to be. 


We are spirit but we are here to embrace a physical life with all its challenges and difficulties.  Look for balance as much as possible.  Physical life is not all hardship and suffering.  There are many opportunities to enjoy the beauty and love that abounds on this plane of life. Christmas is a time for families, for friendship, for sharing of special moments.  Embrace it.  Let those energies of love fill your hearts and replenish, sustain and support you.  A New Year beckons with more choices and opportunities manifesting for you, but for the moment live each day fully and lovingly as the last days of 2018 farewell yet another year.


Love and blessings to you all.


November 2018

Greetings friends.


For several weeks now people have been talking to me about how past issues in their lives have resurfaced and they have found themselves analysing whether they handled the situations in the best possible way or whether they could have made better decisions and actions.  I think this happens for a reason.  Although we know that in the main we cannot change what has been, if we look back and can acknowledge that we didn’t consider the mindset or feelings of others involved in these situations as we needed to, or were perhaps biased in our handling of certain aspects presenting at the time, we can also see that because of our recognition of this we ourselves have moved forward in awareness and understanding.  If we do the best we can in any given situation according to the level of our understanding, there is no need to constantly dwell on what we later deem to be wrong decisions or actions.  We all make mistakes or errors of judgement, but we are not perfect and this is the way we learn. 


We cannot change what has been, but if we are plagued with reminders of the past where we think we could or should have acted differently, is there anything we can do to rectify any part of the situation?  Sometimes too much water has flowed under the bridge so we can only take on board the lesson learnt and use it to help others in some way.  Sometimes there may be a way to move forward through careful confrontation, if you feel you have been wronged or were too afraid to tackle it at the time; or perhaps clarification or an apology may be relevant to give to another? Every situation is different and we all handle things in our own way, but my feeling is, if you are being bombarded with upsetting scenarios from the past, see if there is any action you can take to help you move through this time and if not, acknowledge your spiritual progression since then and close the door on what cannot be changed. There is always time to open a new door to a better tomorrow and the pathway of service stretches forth in endless fashion with so many opportunities for us all to leave our mark and make a difference in some way.  Our greatest rewards and satisfaction are experienced when we help others and see the difference it has made to their lives. This is also a way in which we can receive healing ourselves, on many levels, including that from issues of the past that are no longer relevant in our lives. 


It is also pertinent to consider whether issues we dwell on from the past are really part of a growth scenario for ourselves or whether in some way we are being used as a pawn to provide a lesson for another soul attached to the situation.  Once we embark on this spiritual pathway we find we become more sensitive and caring towards others and we want to help in whatever way we can.  Often we want to make things right all the time, but sometimes we need to step back and recognise that there are issues that others need to work through themselves as it is part of their pathway and a lesson they need to learn.


Unfortunately, we have limited understanding with only five physical senses at our disposal on this physical plane and with much of our spiritual vision and knowledge in storage, as it were awaiting our return home, the full picture of so many situations is not accessible to us. Instead of worrying and pondering about things that are beyond our comprehension we need to “let go and let God”.  The world and all creation in it, is I am sure, evolving in its own way and will continue to do so whether we worry ourselves sleepless or not.  Silver Birch tells us that God or Divine Law is perfect in its operation and although we cannot understand many situations that are occurring with our limited perception, we need to reassure ourselves that everything is under control.  Souls are manifesting on earth with specific tasks to help the planet evolve and situations are in place for every soul to experience what they need to encounter on their journey of growth so let’s all relax and familiarise ourselves with those beautiful words of “Desiderata” from Max Ehrmann and “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence”.


Have a wonderful month.


Love and blessings,



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