Hi friends.


Well, here we are at the beginning of another year with all its promises, hopes and dreams.  I trust you all enjoyed a beautiful, loving festive season and didn’t get too hung up with the kitchen duties, shopping and the crowds. I find it amazing that so much effort and planning takes place in so many households for something that is over so quickly. Every Christmas seems to be bigger (and better?) than the previous one but I must admit I much prefer a simple approach where families come together bringing plates to share and maybe sit together watching and listening to the carols.  For many people, though it is a great opportunity for families who are spread out all over the place to come together for a happy reunion and catch up with all they may have missed whilst away.  The greatest part of Christmas is about spreading the love and this will never change, thank goodness.


This month is often about making New Year resolutions but sometimes we aim too high and become disappointed when we cannot match our expectations, so it’s better to set small goals, reach them one step at a time and then move on to the next level.  This especially applies in relation to our spiritual journey where we realise our goals do not materialise in six easy lessons and come about little by little as we progress in knowledge and understanding.  Our church offers several development groups, based around meditation, for those wanting to develop skills like healing, clairvoyance, psychic abilities etc. and these are run by different facilitators, so if you are interested in this field, do come along and see where you feel the most comfortable and you will be warmly welcomed.  Most of the groups are held in the evenings but there is the one-morning group on the last Thursday of each month at 10 am and this year I will be coordinating this with Tony Wood so hopefully, we can work together to help those wishing to develop their special abilities.  The first one of these monthly morning sessions will be on Thursday 31st January at 10 am, and we look forward to welcoming all those ready to take a step forward on their spiritual journey. I’d like to thank Jean Bell for running this group during 2018. She is unable to continue this year but Tony and I are anxious to see the group continue as it is our only morning development group so your support will be greatly appreciated and we welcome all levels of abilities.  Don’t feel self-conscious if you are only just starting on this pathway. We all have to start somewhere and there are no expectations placed on anyone. Come and enjoy!

It is six years now since our church was busily engaged in centennial celebrations. It was founded in 1913 and we were proud to dedicate 2013 in acknowledging the many changes, growth and service that the church had been engaged in for those 100 years.  Now in 2019 all the volunteers and servants of the church are still engaged in the same process of service; service to those who are seeking to unfold their spiritual gifts, who want to learn more of the ideals and application of spiritualism in their day to day lives or who are simply looking for support as they battle the difficulties that manifest in earthly life. In times of change, it is reassuring that know that this church is like an old favourite blanket, offering warmth and familiarity. People come and go over time and sometimes 20 or 30 years may elapse before some of them are able to return to Brisbane where they are overjoyed to see the church is still here and are even able to connect up to a few familiar faces. 


Our foundations are solid.  We are here for the long haul. Our purpose is to help people understand the truth of spiritualism and the purpose of their earthly journey, to disregard all the false teachings of mankind and recognise that they are spirit, a part of the Divine Spirit, striving to evolve to higher and higher levels of being and to experience a true, inner peace and serenity.


We hope to welcome many more new faces this year to join our church family and if you are looking for something specific to attend, our Facebook and website detail all our forthcoming workshops, events and activities for your information.


May 2019 be extra special in a beautiful way for all of you.


Love and blessings,




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