April/May 2020

By  Helen Rees

COVID-19 Virus Pandemic

The world as we knew it seems to have disappeared. Government rules, restrictions of movement, sanitation issues; all in the name of avoiding the Virus which has hit the world so quickly and so devastatingly. The health of the world totally at risk. The advice given by the health authorities is clear, stay at home as much as possible and be safe. How did this happen? Questions all of us have asked.

It is interesting, however, that back in November 2019, I received the following words from Spirit while in Group.

Keep the stars in your eyes. Stand tall for the coming months shall be a testing time for you all in different ways. Be true to yourselves and be happy, allow the turmoil to wash over you.

Whatever may fall at your feet, remember you are standing tall and the turmoil is below you. Keep in mind that love prevails. Happiness and Joy is high on the agenda of the Great Spirit.

Open your hearts and mind and the possibilities you are all searching for will come to light. Trust is your only goal.”

All the conundrums that you experience will lead to a conclusion. Be patient, you will be guided.”

 So, therefore, from those words, I can only say that at this time we remain patient, for the world has turned upside down. Fear can have no part in our lives, therefore let all fear go.

Learn to live more simply and become more connected with our family and friends through modern technology. The way of the world has changed, and the material side of our lives will take a back seat.

On a sadder note, it is true that some of our loved ones will cross over to spirit side, and this fact will cause grief and loss. All we can do is to accept what has happened and understand that love overcomes all. That our loved ones’ spirit side, are always there for us even if we cannot see or touch them.

We all must play our part in seeing to the end of this dramatic virus that is currently ruling our world, knowing that our guides and loved ones are there beside us helping us in every inch of the way.

Trust in the Great Spirit, your God/the Universal Creator, completely without any limitations, and know that what is occurring with the health of the world, it is only a temporary state of affairs.

Keep Safe, Keep Well, Allow the light of love to flow in you.

God Bless