Minister’s Message

By Wendy Deakin


Hello folks,


Brisbane seems to have had its fair share of rain this winter but unfortunately many areas of Qld are in drought, particularly in the Lockyer Valley (the salad bowl of the S.E.) and out towards Warwick and Stanthorpe. Hopefully we’ll see some good rain soon but we may be looking at some high prices for fruit and vegies until then so it may be time to start raiding those piggy banks!


My last “Message” explored the research on spiritualism undertaken by many eminent men in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  What a rich history we can call on with the support of gentlemen of this calibre, but we must also be grateful to the dedicated mediums of the past who brought comfort to so many through their gift of proof of survival, particularly during those terrible years of the two world wars.


Mediumship is an interesting subject because it finds its outlet in so many different ways. Most people are aware of mediumship demonstrations given at spiritualist churches during their services or mediums offering their services at private “readings”, but mediumship can also be used in other ways to assist souls in need.   I thought it would be interesting to look at how some of our spiritual mediums have used their abilities.


Coral Polge was a psychic artist I was lucky enough to see work at the S.A.G.B. in London in 1984 and her pictures were amazing. The likenesses were excellent and I saw several people really moved when they were presented with a drawing of a loved one in spirit.  As she was drawing, she was giving out information about her subject but I also saw her work with other mediums at her side and they were able to give added proof of survival facts about the person appearing in the portrait.  She was a gifted lady who worked in her particular genre for 54 years before she passed to spirit in April 2001.  If you’d like to know more about Coral, read her book “Living Images”.


Doris Stokes was one of my favourite mediums with a warm and friendly demeanour.  Doris was clairaudient and she came across as a very normal, grandmotherly lady.  She worked all around the world and when she came to Australia she sold out the Sydney Opera House 3 nights in a row.  She and her husband John had lost their son whilst he was still a baby and she had also experienced many miscarriages so she had a particular affinity with parents who had lost children.   She excelled in working with children in spirit who had often passed over in very traumatic ways.  Her home was filled with photos of children in spirit she had helped, donated to her by their grateful parents.   Doris survived 13 operations for cancer but eventually passed over in May 1987 after brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumour. If you’d like to know more about Doris and her work with helping children in spirit, we have several of her books in the church library such as “Voices in my ear” etc. and they make great reading.


Anthony Borgia was the medium for a dead priest, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson (born 1871 passed 1914) Benson was the son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson and was a friend of Borgia when he was on the earthplane.  Benson dedicated his life to teaching and writing many influential books on Christian philosophy even though he was aware of certain psychic abilities and a strong intuition which he ignored.  On passing to spirit he discovered that many of his teachings had been incorrect and he was at great pains to correct this.  He was able to contact his friend Anthony Borgia, who was still in the physical, who agreed to write a book on his behalf correcting misleading information he had preached on the earthplane and tell it as it really was.  Borgia wrote “Life in the world unseen” and also “More life in the world unseen”, thus fulfilling his promise to his friend.  How amazing that Borgia was able to help Monsignor Robert Benson to resolve a certain aspect of his karma without Benson having to return in a further incarnation to do this. How lucky was he!


Maurice Barbanell was a deep trance medium who was used by the spirit guide known as Silver Birch. Their association which lasted for 61 years resulted in the publishing of many of the teachings of Silver Birch which proved to be of great assistance to so many seekers and searchers in understanding the journey of the soul. The Silver Birch books have become an institution of knowledge for spiritualists as we recognise that he was one of the most influential and wise spirit guides ever to contact our world.


Harry Edwards (1893-1976) was probably one of the most loved and respected spiritual healers from Britain.  He discovered his ability whilst serving overseas in the 1st world war in Iran and in 1936 he attended a spiritualist circle which provided him with an interest in mediumship and in particular spiritual healing.  Over the course of his life he demonstrated his gift far and wide.  In 1951 in the Royal Festival Hall in London he demonstrated to a packed auditorium and in the Albert Hall to 6000 people when he launched his 10 o’clock Healing Minute, which is still observed today by thousands all over the world. He campaigned for spiritual healing to be recognised by the establishment, providing case notes and evidence from those who had benefited from his ability, but this was ignored.  His healing sanctuary in Shere (U.K) became a charity in 1966 and for those interested in spiritual healing his book “A Guide to the understanding and practice of Spiritual Healing” is regarded as a “Healing Must Have”.


There are so many talented mediums who use their abilities in different ways to help mankind.  Some have worked in conjunction with Police Departments to help solve crimes. Others like Harry Edwards have worked with spirit to channel healing energy to assist people suffering from various health issues.  I cannot name them all in the space I have here, but to all those who offer themselves as channels for spirit to bring amelioration to suffering in its many different forms, we commend and thank you. 


Love and blessings,



Minister’s Message

By Wendy Deakin

 Hello again friends,

 I hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful Queensland winter days.  I know several folk from interstate who can’t wait to come up to share this time of the year with us and escape the chill of the Southern States.  We really are lucky to have this glorious weather. It’s certainly my favourite time of the year and the garden is calling!

 Over the years some people seem to have had difficulty accepting the religion of Spiritualism and seeing it as prey to fraud and people’s naivety, in part because they did not understand the process of physical phenomena and the part it played in the advent of modern spiritualism.  Sometime ago on a Sunday afternoon at church I talked about the research done by well-respected scientists who had investigated Spiritualism and the results they had reached in their search to discover its authenticity or otherwise. Several people approached me and were interested in the talk so I thought today I would reiterate what I shared at that time and make mention of those eminent gentlemen and their work in this field.

 Sir William Crookes born 1832 died 1919.

He was a chemist and physicist known for his interest in the development of atomic physics with the discovery of the element thallium and vacuum tubes or cathode-rays.  In 1869 he investigated mediumship expecting to discover fraud when he sat with mediums Daniel Dunglas Home and Florence Cook, but he came away as a believer.  He studied spiritualism and became a leading investigator of psychic phenomena.  In 1871 he worked with Kate Fox when she visited from America.  Opposition to this prompted him to keep his belief quiet and he reverted to atomic physics gaining the order of Merit in 1910 and honorary degrees in law and science from various universities.

 Dr. Charles Richet born 1850 died 1935

He won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1913. He had been one of the eminent men of that age to condemn Crookes and his interest in spiritualism and then discovered for himself the validity of Crooks investigations and was appalled that he had been part of those who had judged him before making investigations for themselves.  In 1923 he wrote his book “Thirty Years of Psychical Research” which he dedicated to Crookes and to F.W.H. Myers who was one of the founders of the Psychical Research Society.

 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle born 1859 died 1930

Author of the Sherlock Holmes books.  A physician knighted in 1902 for his work with a field hospital etc. in the Boer War.  He was introduced to physical phenomena in his late 20’s.  He joined the Society for Psychical Research and for 30 years studied and investigated the many aspects of spiritualism.  Evidence received from his son Kingsley killed in the 1st world war and brought through by a Welsh medium was further proof for him of the authenticity of spiritualism.  He devoted much of his life to travelling the world to spread the truth of spiritualism and the decline in his literary output because of this was estimated to be a loss of 200,000 pounds sterling.  He was friends with Harry Houdini and George Bernard Shaw. In 1921 he came to Brisbane and visited the site where our church would be built 8 years later and laid a Dedication Stone which can be viewed on the church platform.

 Sir Oliver Lodge born 1851 died 1940

Physicist.  He received his doctorate in 1877. He was an assistant professor of applied maths at University College in London.  His interest was in the study of radio waves which he later believed were sourced from the sun.  He wrote various papers and was knighted for his work in 1902. Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle he joined the Society for Psychical Research and investigated many cases of mediumship and came to accept the reality and belief in life after death.  In 1910 his psychic research turned to an interest in reconciling science and religion.  His son Raymond had died in the war in 1915 and he had received such a wealth of evidence from him there could be no doubt of his survival after death.  His conclusion was that survival of existence is scientifically proved by scientific investigation.

 Air Chief Marshall Lord Hugh Dowding born 1882 died 1970

He was Chief of Fighter Command during the 2nd world war and he is widely acknowledged as the reason the Royal Air Force triumphed over Germany in the Battle of Britain. He was a devout spiritualist who wrote “Many Mansions” and “Lychgate”.  He worked with spirit in sleep state to help ease conditions for prisoners of war and would be updated with what had been achieved by a medium known as “L.L.”  In 1944 a Muriel Whiting wrote to him for the status of her husband Max who was missing in action.  Max came through from spirit and said “I wish you would take my wife out to lunch.  You will like her”.  He did and the pair later married.

 These are just some of the notable, respected and eminent men who have flown the flag of spiritualism. We thank them for their research, for silencing those who think all spiritualists are gullible and for bringing spiritualism into an accepted religion for all those people who adopt reason, logic and common sense into their lives instead of creeds, dogma and rituals.


Until next time, love and blessings to you all.





Greetings to all our magazine and website readers!

 Another month is here and another article is due again!  How the weeks fly by and how different it is today as I write, from that beautiful day last month when I did the last article.  It’s very grey, chilly and rather miserable but there are always positives.  Time to make some nice chunky soup. Time to buy some fresh warm bread from my local baker.  I’m feeling good already! Just going to wrap a little crochet blanket around the knees!  That immediately brings back some good old memories of my Mum.  She was great at crochet and used to knit all different coloured squares and sew them together.  I think all the members of my family have one of those she’d made for them.  Isn’t it amazing how one’s thoughts can suddenly alter an ordinary day into something special?


We all have the ability to change our lives through our thinking.  Every thought precedes an action and we can make that thought either a positive or a negative one. As it flows out to the universe it is in turn attracting the same energy, so its impact as it returns to us is amplified to a much greater degree.  The law of attraction is just one of the many natural laws that rule the universe and as we evolve spiritually we begin to understand them more and more.  The law of karma, or cause and effect, is probably one that most of us are aware of because we see it in operation all the time and especially as spiritualists we are very conscious of the fact that if we cheat or harm another, we can also expect this to happen to us.


I think that over the years many of these articles must contain repetition, for there is only so much one can write about spiritualism.  In a nutshell, we have our seven principles.  We have our great mediums and healers.  We run our special circles to help people unfold their special gifts.  We have our library with many of our books going back to the early days of spiritualism.  We have no creeds, dogma or religious piousness.  We teach that life is eternal and progression comes through service to others.  We teach that we are all one, all spirit, and everyone is welcome without discrimination of any sort. We teach that our lives are guided by spirit from the day of our birth to the time of our passing and the benefit of learning to listen to spirit through meditation.


Spiritualism sometimes attracts negative publicity by people who have never properly investigated it and think it’s weird or spooky, but it’s a beautiful, gentle truth, promoting only love, brotherhood, oneness of all life and through mediumship evidence that we continue our journey of life after we discard the physical body.  It is a simple truth which appeals to reason and logic.  It is about the individual pathway of every soul and their right to make choices.  Spiritualism demands nothing.  It encourages people to find their own truth.  Much of our philosophy comes through the teachings of the highly evolved beings such as Silver Birch and White Eagle, who temporarily leave the realms of light to which they have advanced, to communicate through gifted mediums on the earth who have agreed to be used as channels.


Spiritualism aside, everyone of us can spiritually evolve by using that simple mantra, “Treat people as you would like to be treated”.  If everyone took this on board, they would make massive strides forward to becoming more spiritual every day. What a different world it would be if every religion used this as the core of their teaching. Violence, greed and power would be a thing of the past. Even though the law of karma is in operation, most of us would be happier to see it manifesting quicker sometimes, especially when we have witnessed distressing or painful deeds, but at least we have that reassurance, through number six of our seven principles, that natural law will ensure there is compensation and retribution for all the good and evil deeds enacted on this earthly plane.


While we are all trying to become better people and using the opportunities offered to us whilst in the physical, it is mindful to recall one of the simple teachings of White Eagle, which is “Be kind”.  These two little words can make a huge difference to people who are in a difficult place in their lives and something that is really not too hard to do.  Spiritualism provides the truth of eternal life and the ability through mediumship to communicate with loved ones passed through the veil, but it also encourages us to evolve in wisdom and understanding through the higher teachings of guides and mentors who provide much of the philosophy of this religion or way of life that we have embraced.


It is not just about coming along to church to receive a ‘message’.  Don’t stop there.  Look further.  Look at the teachings.  Look at why you, the soul, has incarnated on this earth.  Why are you here?  What are you doing to help improve your life and the lives of others?  How can you become more spiritual? 


Spiritualism is about sharing the energies of love and caring that we on this earth and those in spirit generate between us to help uplift those in need. Be a beacon of light and you will help repel the darkness.


Love and blessings



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