June 2019

Minister’s Message

By Wendy Deakin


Greetings friends,


Spirit is always telling us about our need to live in accordance with Natural Law and during our journey of life we come to understand a little more about the operation of some of these laws, most notably the Law of Karma or Cause and Effect, which is evident to most of us at some time or another. There is also the Law of Attraction – like attracts like; the Law of Polarity – positive and negative are both sides of the one coin; As above so below – natural law operates on all levels of existence, the physical and spiritual planes,  but what about the other laws we encounter in ignorance?  I decided to do a little research and see if I could find a list of all the other natural laws in operation.  I didn’t find exactly what I wanted but it was an interesting journey all the same.


The existence of Natural Law or the Law of Nature has been contemplated for centuries and was explored in depth by many of the Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, so this is nothing that has suddenly come to light through the teachings of Silver Birch and other accredited spiritual beings we associate with spiritualism.  The difficulty man has had in the implementation of laws is the need for finding norms relevant to the various moral and legal aspects that are universally valid and recognised. This is relevant when we understand that the legal and moral norms vary not only from place to place but from one historical period to another. When Silver Birch speaks of Natural Law, he states that it is perfect in its operation and never needs to be altered or changed in any way, unlike the laws of man which are constantly undergoing changes and amendments. As man is constantly evolving and growing, I cannot see that this situation will ever change.  As we learn and understand more we will see that changes need to be embraced in many areas of life, not only in the updating of our laws and regulations.


Aristotle is known as the Father of Natural Law and talked of the “common” law that is according to nature. Socrates and Plato and other Greek Philosophers distinguished between the law of custom, which varied from place to place, and nature which was the same everywhere.  There are so many references in relation to the difference of man’s laws and the laws of nature but in many cases there is that element of morality which is evident when it comes to Natural Law.  Cicero wrote in his “De Legibus”,


“There is indeed a law, right reason, which is in accordance with nature, existing in all, unchangeable, eternal; commanding us to do what is right, forbidding us to do what is wrong.  It has dominion over good men, but possesses no influence over bad ones. No other law can be substituted for it. No part of it can be taken away, nor can it be abrogated altogether.  It is eternal and immutable for all nations and for all time.”


He also wrote, “Both justice and law originate from what nature has given to humanity.  Natural law obliges us to contribute to the general good of the larger society”.


As I explored further in my search I discovered that The Stoic School of Philosophy which became active towards the end of the 4th century BC believed that natural law was the law of reason of the cosmos; that God is everywhere and in everyone, therefore there is a “divine spark” which helps them live in accordance with nature.  They felt that there was a way in which the universe had been designed and that natural law helped us to harmonise with this.  I believe that the “divine spark” is what we term our intuition which constantly directs and urges us with our choices, if we choose to listen.


Nothing that I came across contradicted in any way the teachings of Silver Birch and in many ways verified that we inhabit a world perfect in its creation and governed by perfect law.  Even if we are not aware of every aspect of natural law, the implications of right living, right thought and right action will guide us through the milestones of life and as we evolve in our understanding and spirituality, we will find that we can only live our lives in accordance with natural law and it will become automatic in its operation.  So many of the teachings of the Nazarene are about conforming to natural law – treat others as you want to be treated, heal the sick, feed the hungry, help those in need and as we walk a path of service we are doing our best to do this.


Love and blessings until next month.



May 2019

Minister’s Message

By Wendy Deakin


Greetings friends,


Over the past 12 years since I became the Minister of the church, I have seen considerable changes implemented to make the church a better place. The installation of air conditioning downstairs seems to have been an inspired course of action as our summer temperatures this year have been the highest on record. We have finally corrected a drainage issue which caused major leaking in times of heavy rain and our new concrete steps at the front and back of the church ensure all safety problems which may have loomed ahead have been addressed.  Apart from everyday minor maintenance, light bulb replacement, pest control, fire extinguisher checks etc. we seem to be at the moment, in a pretty good place physically.  Fingers crossed.


On a spiritual level, we are having more workshops, demonstrations of mediumship, development groups and teaching sessions for those searching and seeking for knowledge as well as our annual Healing and Reading Days.  Do we need to do more?  We would like to know that the people who come to the church will have their needs met, whether they pop in once in a while, are regulars, backpackers or house-sitters in the area for a short time or just curiosity-minded souls. 


All the volunteers at the church have different abilities, different backgrounds etc. but we are here because we wish to help in some way.  People’s needs are manifold and we are not here to advise in areas of legality, scientific or specialised health issues, but we can still help in other ways.  We can listen.  We can offer a kind word, a cuppa, spiritual healing, encouragement, hope and other little ways to uplift and inspire in some way so that a person can go forward strengthened and fortified.  Our mediums can connect and reassure people of their loved ones in spirit who have drawn close to support them and maybe offer words of guidance and direction. Our Seven Principles, shared each month in our magazine and inside the church near our platform, are there to give insight to a soul’s journey of life and our library is full of books of wisdom and knowledge and the journey of many of our well-known mediums, healers and philosophers. 


If there are people who are looking for something that I haven’t yet mentioned or some area of the work we do that they would like to discuss, please call in for a chat or ring me on my landline any evening 07 5464 5167, or alternatively any letters/emails sent to the church at will be discussed at our committee meetings which are held on the last Sunday of each month.  Our church has been founded and has progressed because of people who have offered themselves in service, in whatever way they have been blessed to serve.  Its purpose is to shine the light of spirit to all who enter its doors; to comfort those in need and to teach of the eternal journey and purpose of each one who walks this physical path.  To ensure we continue to do this, we need your feed-back if there are areas where we can do more, areas you would like to see changed, or any other relevant comments you would like to make.


I wish you good health, happiness and the inspiration of spirit to guide you, until my next message in June.


Love and blessings,



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