November 2018

By Wendy Deakin

Greetings friends.


For several weeks now people have been talking to me about how past issues in their lives have resurfaced and they have found themselves analysing whether they handled the situations in the best possible way or whether they could have made better decisions and actions.  I think this happens for a reason.  Although we know that in the main we cannot change what has been, if we look back and can acknowledge that we didn’t consider the mindset or feelings of others involved in these situations as we needed to, or were perhaps biased in our handling of certain aspects presenting at the time, we can also see that because of our recognition of this we ourselves have moved forward in awareness and understanding.  If we do the best we can in any given situation according to the level of our understanding, there is no need to constantly dwell on what we later deem to be wrong decisions or actions.  We all make mistakes or errors of judgement, but we are not perfect and this is the way we learn. 


We cannot change what has been, but if we are plagued with reminders of the past where we think we could or should have acted differently, is there anything we can do to rectify any part of the situation?  Sometimes too much water has flowed under the bridge so we can only take on board the lesson learnt and use it to help others in some way.  Sometimes there may be a way to move forward through careful confrontation, if you feel you have been wronged or were too afraid to tackle it at the time; or perhaps clarification or an apology may be relevant to give to another? Every situation is different and we all handle things in our own way, but my feeling is, if you are being bombarded with upsetting scenarios from the past, see if there is any action you can take to help you move through this time and if not, acknowledge your spiritual progression since then and close the door on what cannot be changed. There is always time to open a new door to a better tomorrow and the pathway of service stretches forth in endless fashion with so many opportunities for us all to leave our mark and make a difference in some way.  Our greatest rewards and satisfaction are experienced when we help others and see the difference it has made to their lives. This is also a way in which we can receive healing ourselves, on many levels, including that from issues of the past that are no longer relevant in our lives. 


It is also pertinent to consider whether issues we dwell on from the past are really part of a growth scenario for ourselves or whether in some way we are being used as a pawn to provide a lesson for another soul attached to the situation.  Once we embark on this spiritual pathway we find we become more sensitive and caring towards others and we want to help in whatever way we can.  Often we want to make things right all the time, but sometimes we need to step back and recognise that there are issues that others need to work through themselves as it is part of their pathway and a lesson they need to learn.


Unfortunately, we have limited understanding with only five physical senses at our disposal on this physical plane and with much of our spiritual vision and knowledge in storage, as it were awaiting our return home, the full picture of so many situations is not accessible to us. Instead of worrying and pondering about things that are beyond our comprehension we need to “let go and let God”.  The world and all creation in it, is I am sure, evolving in its own way and will continue to do so whether we worry ourselves sleepless or not.  Silver Birch tells us that God or Divine Law is perfect in its operation and although we cannot understand many situations that are occurring with our limited perception, we need to reassure ourselves that everything is under control.  Souls are manifesting on earth with specific tasks to help the planet evolve and situations are in place for every soul to experience what they need to encounter on their journey of growth so let’s all relax and familiarise ourselves with those beautiful words of “Desiderata” from Max Ehrmann and “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence”.


Have a wonderful month.


Love and blessings,


October 2018

Minister’s Message

By Wendy Deakin


Hello friends,


I’d like to share with you some further insight from spirit. 


“Greetings to you all. There are many who walk a physical path of life with no idea that they are in truth an eternal soul who has donned a physical body to temporarily move through earthly experiences that offer them growth in some form to assist their spiritual progression.  They move through the whole of their incarnation ignorant of the fact that there is a reason and a purpose for their return to the physical.  Their entire journey is spent with only the needs and acquisitions of their earthly life as a prime focus.   How we wish we could do more to lift the veil that prevents them seeing life in it true form.


Physical life is, of course, most demanding at times, but at the same time there are occasions when a quiet moment appears and the mind is relaxed and open enough for us to project a thought or idea that we hope will find fertile ground and take the form of a sudden wave of inspiration that develops into an action that leads to the discovery of some form of spiritual truth and direction. We have our successes and we have our failures for like you, we are not perfect either.  That is the domain of only the Source or Godhead of which we are a part – a very small part I must add but also like many of you who have discovered the meaning of eternal life and the journey of the soul, we also wish to make a difference and help those in need moving through the many situations that we in turn have traversed whilst in the physical. We return to spirit a little wiser and hopefully a little more knowledgeable at the end of each physical journey we make, but most notably is the fact that we also realise we did not take advantage of all the situations that presented themselves to us that could have advanced our spiritual progress even further.  


It is all trial and error.  Each physical journey that is made has its ups and downs and there are times when you may wonder if you will ever see the end of the “sink or swim” challenges that occur, but we wish to reassure you that each of you is precious in our eyes for we see the efforts you make to follow that path of light and service and we therefore recognise the brotherhood that we share with you.  When you see with the eyes of the soul you will recognise the opportunities that present themselves to enable you to move forward on your pathway and you will take advantage of them every time.  The level of your understanding determines the situations that arise to test you and when you are ready you will have all the tools at your disposal to successfully complete any challenge.  If you are not prepared or ready to accept a particular challenge, you have your freewill to refuse to move through it and it may well present again, perhaps in another form, when your understanding and growth has prepared you a little more.


We wish to remind you, dear friends, that even with the souls who have no knowledge of spiritual matters, progress is always there for them to attain in their daily lives through acts of kindness and consideration towards both human and animal life.  As a soul expresses kindness, compassion and consideration, they are expressing important aspects of love, the most powerful force in the universe and when love is received freely and unconditionally the results are wondrous to observe.  As we have said so many times, human nature being what it is, you wish to move speedily ahead accomplishing great milestones on your spiritual path and patience is a difficult lesson for you to learn.  But realise, my friends that as you say in your world, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and there is no rush to climb to the top of the ladder in one lifetime.  You have as much time as you need.  There will always be a tomorrow whether in your world or in ours.  Strive to achieve as much as you feel you can but do not berate yourself on the occasions when the results are not as you wish them to be.  Whilst you inhabit a physical body, the physical world will always prevent your full potential and understanding of the things of the spirit being expressed to the degree that you wish.


Share the things of the spirit with all those who search and seek for spiritual understanding.  Share the knowledge that there is no death only an eternal life experienced in different dimensions of existence. Share the 7 principles you endorse in your church, and above all share the love of the Creator which is there for all creation to sustain and nurture them.  Then your world will begin to see that money, power and greed will not provide the soul with what it truly seeks and needs to experience but that all progress comes through the power of love which is part of the Great Creator. Love and blessings to you all.”


I hope the words given by spirit will uplift and sustain those in need.


May the love of the Divine be with you all bringing you direction, guidance and protection on your journey of live.


Until next month, take care,




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