April 2019

Greetings friends,


I can’t believe another month has flown by already and it’s time for another “Message”. Well, it’s been a mixed month, hasn’t it?  At last the South East has seen some welcome rain but the amount has varied considerably from place to place and certainly, my area could do with a lot more, but I’m sure we’re all grateful to see the tanks a little fuller and the gardens looking greener. On a sadder note, we have all been devastated by the events in New Zealand and those families affected will need our loving prayers and healing for quite some time, so let’s keep them all on our healing books as long as necessary and do our best to promote as many positive energies as we can out into the universe to dispel the hatred and negativity.  If only more people recognised that we are all eternal souls sharing a physical life perhaps they would realise that that soul connection makes us brothers and sisters.  We all stem from the one Divine Source and are therefore all part of the family of man. Colour, creed, religion are all irrelevant.  It is what issues forth from the beauty of the soul that is important and the journey of service it involves.  However, I am hopeful that as more and more evolved, spiritual souls, incarnate onto our world to spread the truth of the spirit, positive changes will begin to be seen and there will be an outpouring of love to counteract the negativity.  I live in hope that before my earthly journey ends there will be encouraging signs to verify this.


I thought today I would talk a little about “readings” and what they entail as some people seem to have differing opinions on what a “reading” is.  A reader is a sensitive who is able to tune into various aspects of a person’s personality, vibrations around them, patterns of life etc. and if that reader is also a medium they are able to pick up people on the spirit side of life that have been perhaps a family member, friend, loved one, or mentor to provide messages of love which may be beneficial to help that soul of their earthly journey.   


There are many different types of readers but I often hear people comment along the lines of “this one is brilliant”, or “he/she isn’t very good”.  Unfortunately, there are some people who come for a reading who are moving through a difficult time in their life and they have expectations of what they want to hear in a reading.  If the reader does not pick up what that person wants to hear, they are not a “good reader”, but an ethical reader will only ever give out what they are hearing, seeing and feeling and not fashion a reading to suit what a person wants to hear.  It has to be realised that there are situations in life that present for a purpose.  It may well be that a soul has to move through a situation to learn and grow on their journey.  Readers are not there to resolve all the situations that come up in life.  They are there to bring encouragement, a little direction, contact with loved ones in spirit and in some cases a little help if they can sense or feel something that may be relevant in some issue they themselves have already moved through. 


As I said, there are many different kinds of readers and they all have their different abilities and ways of working.  For people working through a grieving period through the loss of a loved one, it is usually beneficial to contact a medium who may be able to link up with a soul on the spirit side of life and provide evidence or proof of their survival in spirit which will help to bring closure and reassurance of eternal life to the bereaved.  If a soul had an understanding of the life of the spirit when they passed over, they are usually able to come through a medium quite quickly. For those with no knowledge of spirit, it sometimes takes a little longer and it is, of course, the free will of the individual as to whether they wish to make contact or not.  Where love is true and lasting the contact can be very rapid but where issues existed on the earth, the soul in spirit may not want to link up again.  A medium can only work with the energies relative to each individual situation. 


Some people may come for a reading and they are not looking for evidence of the existence of an afterlife, but may have some physical problems, relationships, occupation issues etc needing a little clarification or guidance.  There are readers who profess to work more on a psychic level, use tarot or other cards, runes, numerology, astrology etc. and they may well suit the needs of these people more than mediumship.  It is very much an individual choice, but whatever type of reading is chosen, it is not a guarantee that you will be given exactly what you wish to hear or to know.  If you go from one reader to another and still do not receive what you want, it may well be time to take another look at the relevant situation and change your thinking as another course of action might be on the cards. It might not be what you want but it might be what you need.


Before I sign off this month I have been asked about the Thursday morning circle held on the last Thursday of every month.  This month it falls on 25th April, which is Anzac Day but I wish to advise that the circle will still go ahead as usual.  We are building a nice little group here, and I look forward to meeting up with everyone again.


Love and blessings,




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