September 2018


Greetings friends,


How sad it is to see how the drought is affecting so many of our farmers and the despair which has resulted in several suicides occurring. On the positive side however, it has been wonderful to see the great response from the public to the drought appeals which have been set up to organise huge road trains to carry bales of hay and fodder to help to feed the animals in these regions. Even where I live I’m seeing more of our wildlife, wallabies and a large kangaroo coming closer and closer into suburban communities seeking food and water. Unfortunately this has also resulted in several of them being hit by cars as they venture too close to the roads. 


One of my neighbours has put an old bath, once used as a horse trough, in his paddock and he keeps this filled with water for them.  Another neighbour puts his grey water hose directed down towards his dam to keep some green grass coming up for them.   I’m sure they also come to drink in my little dam when it’s dark as Amber always picks up an interesting scent near there when we go for a walk.  I haven’t spotted them during the day at my place though as I think they’re a tad nervous of the dog, but it’s good to see them in my neighbours’ properties. I’ve been inundated with bird life lately and again I think because so many of the creeks have dried up, they come to drink in my large birdbath which I’m topping up most days now.


Drought affects so many areas of life and unfortunately the prognosis for rain isn’t good for the coming summer.  As caring people we do our best to help where we can, but for many people on pensions they are limited when there are so many in need.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am a great believer in the power of spiritual healing and the power of prayer. I believe these are both strongly connected and when used in deep sincerity can achieve great results but there are also other elements to consider.  Cause and effect plays a big part in any outcome as do so many of the natural laws in operation.  When El Nino patterns prevail on this continent, drought seems to go hand in hand, so logically until this pattern moves away abundant rain cannot be expected.  Healing however, can be utilised in other ways. We can ask for those affected by these dire situations to receive healing for their inner strength, fortitude, perseverance, positivity, encouragement, power to make difficult decisions, and most of all we can ask for them to receive hope.  The government is now helping to some extent and with the support of the public let us hope that these families and their animals will begin to see some improvement in their lives as they see that we care about them and they are not alone in their endeavours.      


As Silver Birch tells us, we are all one, connected to each other through the spirit of the Divine from which we stem, so as we help one another we are also helping ourselves, for service is the pathway to spiritual progress.  If each of us sat quietly for a few moments even just once a week and practised sending out absent healing, it would make a difference to so many who are finding life very difficult.  For those who are not able to get out and about but who want to help in other ways, I do encourage you to start an absent healing list.  You may wonder how you will find the contacts to put on your list if you are not able to interact with others outside your home environment, but just listen to the news on the radio and television and you will hear of so many souls who are struggling and can use your help.  We have heard of the massive earthquakes our northern neighbours have experienced and the loss of life in Genoa when the bridge collapsed.  Every day there is someone on the news whose name could be included in these lists or some area of our world engulfed in flooding, landslides, or other disasters.  The lists would become longer and longer all the time, so keep that healing flowing out and know that your efforts will make a difference.


Well new shoots are appearing everywhere on the trees and shrubs and Spring has definitely sprung!  Lots of nests are being built and this is the time to start spotting all the little fledglings.  Enjoy one of the prettiest times of the year and let’s hope those beautiful spring showers are not too far away.


Love to you all.


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