Presidents Message

 September/ October 2020

 Neil Davey



 Whilst a frustrating time, I trust everyone is well and taking and making the most of the current circumstances.

 For my part, I was considered to be in the high-risk category and asked to work from home. This has been a challenging time with small space and slow internet often falling out.

However, it has allowed me to work from Mullumbimby in Northern NSW waking up to glorious sunrises.

I do however miss the services at church. I am sure I am not alone. Helen and the committee have taken up modern technology and have been able to provide an alternative via ZOOM.

 Not only a 7 pm service but also a Monday night healing circle by Yvonne, Tuesday night meditation with Toni, Wednesday night Development Circle by Kisane, and Thursday night with Audrey. The ZOOM service has allowed having overseas mediums without the need of coming to Australia.

 Helen also organized a reading day via ZOOM which was successful. This has helped the budget as well as donations received for the service and activities. We still have bills such as Rates, Water, Insurance so even small donations via our website are valuable.

 We are also holding monthly committee meetings via ZOOM and at the last meeting, it was decided given the current restrictions of numbers meeting (10) we will need to postpone the Annual General Meeting. We are hopeful we will be allowed to meet later in the year so have proposed December 13th and follow with an afternoon service for Christmas. Mike has completed the necessary COVID-19 plan required by the Government and submitted it for approval.

All in all, it has been a different year. However, it has brought out ideas not previously thought of and we are making the most of it.

 Stay safe and well. Looking forward to seeing everyone. 


Please Note: Numbers of allowable people allowed at the church were correct at the time of writing the address.